Running multiple processes in PHP

Sometimes you need multiple commands to run in parallel to save up script processing time for repetitive tasks.
In the “Building a Video sharing site” project that i will present here soon, I needed a script to run multiple video processing jobs. PHP wasn’t meant to support multitasking, but with a few tricks we can emulate a multitasking environment.

On my research there were a couple of solutions that, althought they might seemed viable, had some weakness:

  • Using curl to open multiple instances of the script at once
    The problem was that the script was supposed to be accessible via the Web, and when trying to access external commands, this is a big security issue.
  • Using pcntl functions
    This could have been the best approach, but it required recompiling the PHP version with –enable-pcntl option, and many of us don’t have access to recompile PHP on the server. Beside that, it only works on linux systems, so it’s platform dependent.
  • Finally i found a nice class that simulates multi-threading and after some customisation i managed to set the multi tasking the way i wanted:


class Thread {
	var $pref ; // process reference
	var $pipes; // stdio
	var $buffer; // output buffer
	var $output;
	var $error;
	var $timeout;
	var $start_time;
	function Thread() {
		$this->pref = 0;
		$this->buffer = "";
		$this->pipes = (array)NULL;
		$this->output = "";
		$this->start_time = time();
		$this->timeout = 0;
	function Create ($command) {
		$t = new Thread;
		$descriptor = array (0 => array ("pipe", "r"), 1 => array ("pipe", "w"), 2 => array ("pipe", "w"));
		//Open the resource to execute $command
		$t->pref = proc_open($command,$descriptor,$t->pipes);
		//Set STDOUT and STDERR to non-blocking 
		stream_set_blocking ($t->pipes[1], 0);
		stream_set_blocking ($t->pipes[2], 0);
		return $t;
	//See if the command is still active
	function isActive () {
		$this->buffer .= $this->listen();
		$f = stream_get_meta_data ($this->pipes[1]);
		return !$f["eof"];
	//Close the process
	function close () {
		$r = proc_close ($this->pref);
		$this->pref = NULL;
		return $r;
	//Send a message to the command running
	function tell ($thought) {
		fwrite ($this->pipes[0], $thought);
	//Get the command output produced so far
	function listen () {
		$buffer = $this->buffer;
		$this->buffer = "";
		while ($r = fgets ($this->pipes[1], 1024)) {
			$buffer .= $r;
		return $buffer;
	//Get the status of the current runing process
	function getStatus(){
		return proc_get_status($this->pref);
	//See if the command is taking too long to run (more than $this->timeout seconds)
	function isBusy(){
		return ($this->start_time>0) && ($this->start_time+$this->timeout<time());
	//What command wrote to STDERR
	function getError () {
		$buffer = "";
		while ($r = fgets ($this->pipes[2], 1024)) {
			$buffer .= $r;
		return $buffer;
//Wrapper for Thread class
class Multithread{
	var $output;
	var $error;
	var $thread;
	var $commands = array();
	function __construct($commands){
		$this->commands = $commands;
		foreach ($this->commands as $key=>$command){
	function run(){
		$commands = $this->commands;
		//Cycle through commands
		while (count($commands)>0){
			foreach ($commands as $key=>$command){
				//Get the output and the errors
				//Check if command is still active
				if ($this->thread[$key]->isActive()){
					//Check if command is busy
					if ($this->thread[$key]->isBusy()){
				} else {
					//Close the command and free resources
		return $this->output;

I call the class using the following code:

include "threads.php";
$commands = array('ffmpeg -i '.$inputFile[0].' '.$outputFile[0].' 2>&1','ffmpeg -i '.$inputFile[0].' '.$outputFile[0].' 2>&1');
$threads = new Multithread($commands);
foreach ($threads->commands as $key=>$command){
	echo "Command ".$command.":<br>";
	echo "Output ".$threads->output[$key]."<br>";
	echo "Error ".$threads->error[$key]."<br><br>";

Let’s talk about what the script does:

First in Create method it defines some descriptors to use with proc_open. The standard descriptors for shell commands are:
0 for stdin (what is read by the process)
1 for stdout (what is the output of the runing process)
2 for stderror (errors that the process throw).
You can customize your settings here, for example you can choose to log all the errors in a file like this:

2 => array("file", $path_to_error_log_file, "a")

By setting stream_set_blocking($t->pipes[1],0), and stream_set_blocking($t->pipes[2],0) we  tell  php to not wait for the process to finnish with the output and error reporting, before runing another command. This is an important step, in achieving multitasking.
The current state of the runing process is achieved using isActive method, that will read from the stdout (stream_get_meta_data($this->pipes[1])) to see if the process is still active or not.
The command output will be generated by the $t->listen method. Aditionaly, you can capture the errors by calling getError method.
Close method will close the command strem and free the resources associated.
isBusy method will check to see if the $timeout time was passed. I recomend setting timeout high, if you know that your script take longer time to load. If timeout is set to 0 it will not timeout any script.

In the attached file you will see an example implementation of this technique. 3 scripts (one.php, two.php, three.php) will write data in a log file with one second delay between writings, to see how the multitasking is achieved, err.php will simulate a script producing an error.
Have fun experimenting with the script, and if you have any questions, just leave a comment here.

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